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BLOG TEST If Different Species Can Get Along…

I want to show you this shot. It’s a really lovely and funny, isn’t it??

2565778670105101600S600x600Q85“Environmental Graffity” is site that send news related animal protection, and this article’s theme is “If different species can get along…” The site introduce photos of monkey on the dog’s back or bird hugs rat and so on.

I think this shot is peaceful! Commonly, they are enemies, but hey were get along well. It’s surprised and impressed me. This article proofed  environment decides what you are, not your race, roots, or parents decides.

 I guess my character and my  behavior is decide not only my environment, but also my roots.  However, if my guess right, this peaceful shot is never exit. If my guess is right, they would be fight each other. 

 Last week,  I discussed with my EPIC friends about an American of  Japanese descent,and American of Japanese descent’s nationality is America, but blood is Japanese. She said “Nobody depend on birthplace what you are. Everybody depend on them environment.” and I argued “I don’t think so, surely not strong , but it’s depend on .” After I read this article, I thought I was wrong, and if we get along well like that article, probably war vanished in this world.

Don’t you think so?

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I introduce my dog, named ‘Tabi’.
In fact, it is not mine. it is my father’s dog.My father asked me’Can you let me to has a dog?’ and I answered,’If you can take care about that, I will let.’
So, My father has a dog.

The dog is named ”Tabi” ,that’s why its legs are white!!
Tabi is sporting dog(狩猟犬). My parent’s friend is cattle owner ,and sometome they go to forest to hunt wild boar.
My parent’s friend grow up to sporting dog, and my father request his friends to give he a dog.
Then, Tabi is coming!

My new Family is little bit wild! sometime he hunt birds or more…

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Dread Locks Hairstyle.

I have a dream!!

I want to change my hairstyle to dread locks hairstyle.

Dread locks hairstyle which is hair winded each other, and it’s like ropes.
For example Jack sparrow is d


readrock in movie, in ‘Pirates of the calibian’

Last year I changed my hairstyle to dread locks in thailand.
I want to change my hairstyle, but i don’t know where’s store can make dread hair.

If you know, please tell me.

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GAMARJOBAT (がーまるちょば)who is the great street performers.

Last month I went to GAMARJOBAT’s live performance with my friends in karupo-to.

GAMARJOBAT is two men who has mohican hair style. One of GAMARJOBAT is kecchi! who has red mohican, and the other is HIRO-PON who has yellow mohican.
Their performance called by ‘silent comedy’. That’s why, they don’t use words. They express only use their moving. It is really funny!
They doesn’t use words, a lot of different language person can laughing and enjoying!!!

Sometimes they plays short comedy, play the guitar, pantomiming, and plays Charles Chaolin’s play ‘City Lights’.
Why Chaplin’s play? Because they inspired by Charles Chaplin!!

Anyway, they are always try to make us smile! We can’t rest although moment.
When I went to live, I was depressed. But GAMARJOBAT make me feel better and smile!!
They taught me ‘Don’t worry, be happy. If you can smile, it is all OK.’

They rescue me!!!!!
I really really want to say thank you from bottom of my heart!!!!!!!

Please, check it out thier performance!!

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Stay with me until five o’clock.

Gospellers who is my favorite singers.
Gospellers are well known for “Hitori”,”Hoshikuzu-no-machi”or, “Mimoza”.

Their chorus is soooo beautiful!!!!

Now I want to know you this song, “Gojimadeni” by Gospellers.
This song was not sold. It is unpublished song.
That’s why, Gospellers’s song is must be sung by all members, but it is sung by two members.

However, it’s no problem about goodness of this song.

This song express about lovers who cannot meet easely. They has limited times.
It’s make me feel sad…

This phrase touching my feelings.
寂しいなんて言えない 無理してわらってくれるから 大丈夫、夜は長いよ いつもなら時計をはずして 五時までに。

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The most precious things in this world is my family. I am meaningless without them.
So, I’ll introduce my family

There are five people in my family.
My father, my mother, my elder brother and, my elder sister.

Firstly, I intorduce my father. He is florist. He grows flower kind of orchid which ranging in South America.
That’s why in my house’s garden, plastic house has been build.
Florist is physical labor! So he is still smart and muscle than me!!

Secondly, about my mother. She is the one of my best confidant. When I feel down, I call my mother, and she gave me good advise.

Thirdly,I introduce my elder brother. He is really bad boy. When he is primary school student, he swom in the lake of temple!! and he threw the firecraker and smoke ball!!! After that of course he make the chief priest angry. But now he is teacher of Japanese school of Singapore.

Finally, I introduce my elder sister, she hasn’t job. She want to be social worker, but she failed the test.After failing the test, she is try to many things, she went to international cooperate discourse, studied about social worker.Now sheismember of NPO.

This is my lovely family.I spent a lot of time with them. That is really valuable time for me.

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So You Think You Can Dance!

Last sunday I went BBcafe in obiya-machi. That’s why BBcafe has a dance event “mix-up”, and I watched it.

I belong street dance circle. I like to dance and watch dance.
In dance circle I dance Hip-Hop, because I like black music(R&B,Soul,hip-hop,Jazz)!

By the way, do you know Daichi Miura? He is singer, dancer and great performer!!
His song and dance is really breathtaking!! and he composition and write a lyricsim!!
But Diachi is only 21 years old. He is so brilliant!!!

Daichi’s career is long. He is dancing and singing in company, when he was 10 years old!!
And he is member of Boys and Girls dance unit “Folder”. Maybe you hear them song “Believe”. It is oepning song of TV animation “One Piece”.

Daichi’s dance is really hot!!
Please check it out!!

And, if you want to dance, please come to dance room next kita-taiikukann every wednesday 16:00 and saturday 13:00.

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It is not Leggins, it is …!!

Hot days continueing! However, this season is still cold, especially early morning and night.

In such a day, I wear to spats! It is warm!! I like wear sapts under my short. It’s really confortable style!
But some friends said me ‘Today,you wear leggins! Only your legs looks like a girl.’ They were tease me!

Leggins is popular in girl, girls often wear leggins under a skirt or short pants.
Is it so strange what boys wearing leggins? No matter what you feel, I don’t care!! I like it!

I don’t like to called Leggins”.
So,I think It is no longer Leggins , it is “momohiki”
Momohiki likes spats! in the old days, Japanese men wear momohiki under their pants.

That]7s why “Momnohiki “is Japanese culture!!We must be protect !!!
When you see me, and I wearing spats, please say “Oh, you wearing momohiki!!”
This word makes me happy !!

Yes, it is not Leggins, it is momohiki!!!

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I am a sea gull.

Today, I went to Syuntaro Tanikawa and Wakako Oku’s poetry reading live and photo movie “Yah-chaika” at Karupo-to.

Syuntaro Tanikawa is one of the most famous poet in Japan.
Wakako Oku is also poet who is make wrote the lyrics “Itsu-mo, Nando-demo” which is Ghibli movie “Sen-to-Chihiro-no-kamikakushi “.
Read More…

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No Day, But Today

I’ll introduce about my favorite musical, “RENT”.

“RENT” is Broadway musical, but not only Broadway it also performed in Japan.
Finally, “RENT” became a movie.

It’s a really good story.

The story: It is set in eastvillage, a town in the newyork of USA. In December 24, 1989, There were the young people who can’t pay their own “RENT” They has many trouble. Someone has a HIV, someone is a homosexual, someone is a narcotic. They were suffer from about that. But they find love and pleasure of livinig.

‘No day, but today’. This word is the key of this musical. It means There is no future and no past, it is only today, we just live now.

This musical makes me consider .

“RENT” is really good at sing, especially This song “Seasons of love”
This song really moved me!!

‘Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure, measure a year?’

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